Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plans

If you qualify to receive Medicare, a supplemental plan can fill in the gaps that Medicare doesn’t pay for.  That is why this type of policy is sometimes called a Medigap policy.  Plan G provides the physicians and other providers with payment that is similar to group health insurance for their services.  This allows you to be treated by providers that will accept Medicare reimbursment, for little or no cost to you.  Unlike a Medicare Advantage plan, you are not required to utilize a small  network of local providers.  You can travel without fear of being out of network.  There are no co-pays, no deductibles except for the first $203 of Part B services on plan G, and no percentages to pay.  Your monthly premium is the only factor in budgeting your healthcare, and your costs do not escalate when you utilize services. Deciding a course of treatment is between you and your doctor, and not a decision by a Medicare Advantage company.  As long as Medicare covers the particular service, you can have the procedure done.  Medicare with a supplement policy is a very solid way to cover your healthcare in the future.

Dental Insurance

Taking care of your dental health is very important to your overall health. This coverage is high quality, but there are waiting periods for the more expensive treatments.  If you were covered by another dental policy for the last year, the waiting period may be waived.  Otherwise, dental plans have a six month to one year wait for the more expensive services.  The plans offered through Pacific Source can be started throughout the year, but the MODA Health / Delta Dental plans can only be started on January first, by applying during the November first through December fifteenth open enrollment.  Moda Health / Delta Dental will allow you to start a dental policy at other times, if you are loosing your current dental coverage.

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