It is now time once more to see if you qualify for the Federal Marketplace tax credit, to assist with the cost of a health insurance plan for 2020.  The open enrollment runs from November first through December 15th.  This is the primary period of time for getting the determination of the tax credit amount, and then signing up for a policy.  The policy will take effect on January first.  The first link below is the 2020 adjusted gross income chart, where you can see generally what you may qualify for.  The second link is the How To Apply narrative.  The only other period of time where you can seek a determination, and sign up for a policy is called Special Enrollment.  This is only available to those who have a policy already, but are loosing that coverage.  This situation may provide you with the opportunity to apply during the rest of 2020.

FFM Qualifications Chart for 2019

Federal Marketplace How To Apply