Moda Health/ Delta Dental

The MODA Health Plan Delta Dental Plans offer some of the better dental products available to individuals and families. The Delta Dental Exclusive PPO plan and the Delta Dental PPO plan.  The Delta Dental Exclusive PPO Plan has the best benefits, but the plan does not provide coverage outside of the PPO network of dentists.  The Delta Dental PPO plan allows you to go out of network, but at a reduced benefit level of 50%. It is important to make sure that your dentist is in the PPO network, in order to receive the best benefits.

2023 Moda Delta Dental Brochure

2023 MODA Delta Dental Individual Dental Rates

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Pacific Source Dental Plans

Pacific Source has separate plans for adults and children.  The summaries for each are below.  If you would like to apply for a plan, please click on the Pacific Source logo below, and their application process will open.  They will ask if you are applying for medical or dental.  Click on dental, and then complete the process of signing up.

Pacific Source Dental Plans

Pacific Source Rates